A Call From Gaia Sophia x

I dreamt last night of Gaia Sophia, which was a beautiful surprise.  She came calling to me in my dreams and She was definite that She wanted my attention.  She commanded it and so in my sleeping, but very awake state, She took me on a journey by way of a movie in front of my eyes on which she captured the visions of a world living out of alignment with Her.  And I witnessed Her pain as she shared it with me.  It was a collection of images starting at the industrial revolution: smoke stacks and factories. Growing into power plants and green meadows with coal smelters built in the middle. Coal refineries. Chimneys. Power lines.  Grids and man-made infrastructure.  Bitumen.  Waste. Holes carved deep into her being.  Trucks labouring over her and carrying away her precious treasures.  Endless miles of concrete and buildings. I felt her pain and urgency as she showed me the consequence to her energetic field - and I felt her sadness.  The dream was only short and was a command and I said to Her, knowing it to be Her, "Yes, show me what you need us to see".  

And she said simply: "You are living out of alignment with me".   Her message was urgent and clear:-  

"These structures, "these things" are not of my creation.  These machines are not of my doing. They are not of me.  They are wounds upon me.  And if they are not of me they are a false friend and not of Life.  Her cry was urgent and immediate: You are out of alignment with Life.  You are out of alignment with Source.  You are bludgeoning your natural world and all that lies within it.  You have created mechanical monster, one upon another, and the machinery of your world, and of your making, is NOT of LIFE". 

She called upon me - She did not ask - to share Her words and Her call: and to call upon the world, to return to Her and the infinite wisdom of her womb.  To delve into the heart of Her being, the expanse of Her greatness and the depths of Her creativity and eschew the mind and will of man: and any creation of him, that does not live in alignment with Her.  For he wanders in darkness to her greatness.  He is a fool before her bounty, beauty, power and splendour and does no justice to the soul of Life that she carries within the veins of her soil, seas and lands: and that rests deep within the core of Her very being, the energy and Force of LIFE.  And so She said to me, as She has said to me before:-

Approach with scepticism that which is of human making,

approach with adoration that which is of Divine Creation,

and Humankind, remember this;

You are NOT the Creative Life Force of All that IS.

And all I know is that I must share this with All. 

little Bear x

© 8 November 2015