On the Power of Words - Shifting Consciousness - Part One

The Philosophy of Conscious Evolution is a large and it seems never ending body of work: that is required to enable the charting of our path back to wholeness and living in sync with Life (the All That IS). At the core of this work is the un-bundling of man made lore and belief and at the same time re-birthing sacred knowledge and metaphysical awareness into our everyday and "conscious", consciousness.  All this to enable and facilitate the Shift in Consciousness from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension (and if that is "too out there" just think in terms of "shifting consciousness" to a level of greater sophistication (and vibration)).  

At the core of the metaphysical awareness is the need for the deep and abiding understanding of the power of words: and the endless consequences of word choices, messages and use in our world.

Because the fact is, each and every word we think, speak and use has energy.  There is an energetic component to language, thought, words and beliefs.  And the very words - each and every word - themselves, dictate the quality of the energy that they hold.  Words alone hold energy.  A series of words that form a belief, hold an energy and an energetic frequency: thus lies have a frequency as does truth.  The energy based on the word or collection of words (and the story they tell) will be variously neutral - "its raining", filled with love - "I love you", or hate - "you're a bitch".  That energy is felt and able to be felt and indeed the feeling of the energy is un-avoidable by the person, animal or inanimate object that might be the recipient of the message. 

And so the message that is directed at any-one person or individual, will, by the simple operation of energy and nature, "imprint" itself on the psyche of the recipient.  The level to which that message will be absorbed by the recipient will depend on the unique qualities of that individual - we are all different - an empath will absorb the energy like a dry sponge (regardless of any desire to do so or not), a more resilient and perhaps less conscious person may have a better capacity to deflect the energy.  Someone who might be more willing to "fight back" and speak up for themselves can better protect themselves from the onslaught of adverse energy from another persons words, or being.  But the reality is, we live in a world that seems committed to speaking ill of each other and judging.  This is day to day harm that is profoundly harmful.  Within the law of karma, the worst conduct one might engage upon against another is the defamation of that person: for it is understood what a powerful and devastating consequence defamation will have on a soul.  It will attack the core of an individuals true self and sense of being and likely eradicate the deepest connection to self: such is its power.  There is no greater karmic wrong. 

Understanding the power of words then illustrates the power of the "Self Fulfilling Prophecy". The child, teenager or adult (age is irrelevant) who is told that he or she is "stupid", "will not learn", "cannot learn", "has no hope of future" or any message at all, etc will be bereft of the capacity to achieve or will suffer the consequence of any message that is cast upon them.  There will be those unique individuals who are able to avoid the power of this "spell casting" (for indeed that is what it is), but the majority will be subsumed by the programming and thereafter their sense of self will be - to an incalculable extent - governed by it.  Such is the power of words.  Words cast spells. Words weave sails of magic or webs of pain and heartache and with each and every composition of words will be an energy and energetic force field: that will soothe, reassure, enliven, enrich, promote, encourage, love and unburden or will cause hate, harm, cause suffering, diminish, destroy, annihilate, deceive.  Any enlightened and aware person will immediately shy away from anyone who proclaims "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me", knowing that such belief is fraught with error.

The qualitative effect of words has been demonstrated by Dr Emoto on his work on "the Power of Water".  By which he photographed water crystals after being in a glass with a label on it, such as: love, hate, crystal, hope, faith, joy, despair.  The results of his work can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.MasaruEmoto/.

Many have mistakenly misunderstood the work to be in relation to examining the properties of water (indeed this may even include Dr Emoto himself): and have failed to understand the effect on the water is caused by the words.  And that effect - of words - will be felt by all and any substance into which the energy of any particular word, or message, will come into contact i.e. the power of words will affect and impact all matter. 

We live in a world where our everyday reality is governed by metaphysical qualities and consequences.  We are all joined energetically by the operation of our oneness with Life.  We are Life.  And words are the building blocks of our experience, our every day life, and every action we take and word we speak will have some consequence on someone, somewhere.  However, the lack of awareness as to these metaphysical realities, in operation daily, is causing untold grief, pain and suffering.  When you speak poorly to, or towards someone (including yourself), you are harming them - physically (if they are an empath they will feel it as a physical blow to their body), emotionally and spiritually - and the harm will be of lasting consequence.  By the same token words have tremendous power to enrich, uplift and enliven: and such power will be utilised by those who are generous in spirit.  In the work of our Conscious Evolution we should start working with this awareness with greater clarity, reverence and respect for the power of words.  Words are the building blocks of Life, and the messages we tell ourselves and each other are the building blocks of our experience.  So that in time, understanding the power of words, we should begin to see healing centres that allow individuals to seek help and recovery from the harmful consequence of negative spell casting on their being.  Many individuals who are in therapy are those who have been lied to, and without knowing it consciously, are trying to break the bonds of those limiting spells cast on them.  As will all matters the knowledge of the power of words can be used for great harm, as indeed it presently is.  But understanding always that the law of karma looks poorly upon those who use words in assault upon another (this is to be contrasted with calling a dysfunction into the light).

little Bear x

© 27 December 2015




A Call From Gaia Sophia x

I dreamt last night of Gaia Sophia, which was a beautiful surprise.  She came calling to me in my dreams and She was definite that She wanted my attention.  She commanded it and so in my sleeping, but very awake state, She took me on a journey by way of a movie in front of my eyes on which she captured the visions of a world living out of alignment with Her.  And I witnessed Her pain as she shared it with me.  It was a collection of images starting at the industrial revolution: smoke stacks and factories. Growing into power plants and green meadows with coal smelters built in the middle. Coal refineries. Chimneys. Power lines.  Grids and man-made infrastructure.  Bitumen.  Waste. Holes carved deep into her being.  Trucks labouring over her and carrying away her precious treasures.  Endless miles of concrete and buildings. I felt her pain and urgency as she showed me the consequence to her energetic field - and I felt her sadness.  The dream was only short and was a command and I said to Her, knowing it to be Her, "Yes, show me what you need us to see".  

And she said simply: "You are living out of alignment with me".   Her message was urgent and clear:-  

"These structures, "these things" are not of my creation.  These machines are not of my doing. They are not of me.  They are wounds upon me.  And if they are not of me they are a false friend and not of Life.  Her cry was urgent and immediate: You are out of alignment with Life.  You are out of alignment with Source.  You are bludgeoning your natural world and all that lies within it.  You have created mechanical monster, one upon another, and the machinery of your world, and of your making, is NOT of LIFE". 

She called upon me - She did not ask - to share Her words and Her call: and to call upon the world, to return to Her and the infinite wisdom of her womb.  To delve into the heart of Her being, the expanse of Her greatness and the depths of Her creativity and eschew the mind and will of man: and any creation of him, that does not live in alignment with Her.  For he wanders in darkness to her greatness.  He is a fool before her bounty, beauty, power and splendour and does no justice to the soul of Life that she carries within the veins of her soil, seas and lands: and that rests deep within the core of Her very being, the energy and Force of LIFE.  And so She said to me, as She has said to me before:-

Approach with scepticism that which is of human making,

approach with adoration that which is of Divine Creation,

and Humankind, remember this;

You are NOT the Creative Life Force of All that IS.

And all I know is that I must share this with All. 

little Bear x

© 8 November 2015

On Keeping it Real

I celebrated my birthday a week ago and it was a great celebration.  And at the same time, and for reasons completely unrelated, I have been eating a lot of raw food and salad - and mixing in with my salad - Coriander.  And tonight I had an epiphany of rather miniscule proportions: that my life can simply be divided into two epochs.  

Before coriander and after coriander.  

Not that I have only just started eating coriander.  I did a few years ago.  But only recently have I attuned to the innumerable additional lawyers and dimensions, the addition of coriander, brings to a meal.  A small simple little herb that can change an entire dish.  

At the same time, whilst carving-up my life into little epochs, I realised that with the passing of my most recent birthday, I had tripped over into a new period, stage and chapter in my life. Full of uncertainty and with no road map as to where I am headed, but just the certain belief that finally, I am on the right track.  And it is no one else's to question or quibble with. And with that I found not only a sense of ease or relaxation: but also, with it, a deeply held rage, a sense of raging against the machine.  A sense of raging against the world that we live in, that is thrust upon us and that we are immersed in every day.  A rage against this world.  Not Life. Not the force of Life or Love.  Not the energy of truth.  But the energies of our world: lies, deceit, depravation, competition, power play, betrayal, insecurity, hate, fear, systems, processes and rules.  The world that we are living in and our collective consciousness is creating.  

Following a spiritual path, one wonders "what does that mean?".  How do I have to be? Do I go around chanting "Om" at everyone... the Ego needs an identity to attach to and it can be a bit confusing.  And further needing to speak about Truth and Love but not knowing what tone or pitch to adopt.  But as I sit here and write tonight, I know my pitch and tone is that of a fighter - a warrior for Oneness, Spiritual Lore and Truth - a free spirit who will not be bound by a world that lives out of sync with Life.  A soul who will not endure the false friendship or relationship, lies or deceit.  And also, just an everyday woman, with all of the usual everyday feelings, thoughts and needs, of my own make, model and composition. 

I chant daily at Yoga.  I fall into Yoga comas frequently and lovingly float around in the LaLa induced state they produce.  But that is also, and often, the furtherest from who I am.  I am powerful beyond my own understanding and have endured a great deal.  But it has galvanised me, and so I am here now - and not without trepidation - to say my part about Life, Truth and Love.  I won't guild the lily and a spade, in my book, will always be a spade. I am a battle ground of contradictions.  Ridiculous strength matched only by acute & overwhelming sensitivity.  An extroverted, introvert, who is not a shrinking violet.  And it is that mash-up of personality traits that has caused untold pain - but now more than ever, that is the part of my being that I will embrace - so that I can write the stories that need to be written from my own self.  And write the words of wisdom and truth that run through me.  An astrologer once told me that constellation of stars, surrounding my date of birth, left me with no choice than to be a Warrior Princess.  He was right. The journey of my life has proven that to me.  Being a powerful woman in denial, oddly, lends itself to conflict and alienation, from self and others.  I have sought to hide from my power and truth to prevent torment: which only made things worse.  If you are not being yourself, then who are you being? And as a woman, calling for the return of the Sacred Feminine, I am bound by my words, to embrace my fullest understanding of myself and expression of what that means.  So I am not prepared to hide anymore.  I am here for a purpose and it is time to get on and do it.

As for the coriander: eat more of it, it's great! And sometimes a small shift in thinking, belief or perception can open a portal to whole new worlds.  As for raging against the machine - so as to return to Oneness, Truth and Love - it is time.  On the weekend at Yoga I bought myself a new sweatshirt with "Spiritual Gangster" emblazoned on the front.  Within the kaleidoscope of possibilities, I think that pretty well sums me up.  

Well, today anyway :)

Love and blessings

We are all one!

Little bear aka Spiritual Gangster! :) 


On Being True to Oneself

Shakespeare famously said "...in all things in life to thine own self be true".

But here is the thing.  Sometimes that is more difficult than can be understood and yet it is the most important thing any of us can be. True to ourselves.  The reason why? It is when we are not being true to ourselves that things can go wrong.  Yes. It is in those moments when we foster or cultivate an internal lie that we can pay the price later.  Going along with something in the moment, that we don't agree with or doesn't feel right that can lead to painful or alarming results.  Agreeing with something that we don't actually agree with.  Being in a relationship that doesn't feel right or isn't actually right for us.  Putting on a brave face when we don't actually in truth feel brave.  Not following our instincts even when they are speaking loudly to us.  And this all can happen for a number of reasons.  

The process of socialisation into life will lead us INTO ourselves, or OUT of ourselves.  A rich experience growing up one that is full of nurture, love, positive reinforcement and healthy learned belief in one's true self and abilities, value and worth, leads to confident, self assured people who are connected to "themselves".  Conversely, being mislead in the socialisation process as to character, value, worth or ability can lead to misguided and confused souls.  Individuals who do not know who they are or their worth.  Our formative years through to early adulthood are a forge in which we will be crafted or burnt.  And then we will live a prosperous life or one that is spent trying to undo the damage. 

These outcomes might happen for any number of reasons. And, to be clear, this is not a discussion of blame.  It is a discussion about truth and awareness.  It is coming to the understanding of the importance of self esteem and strong feelings of confidence, truth and self worth: and the importance of being raised into that awareness as our forefathers and mothers of the indigenous tribes intrinsically understood.  

Everything is cause and effect.  Absolutely everything.  And as we journey through life we come to understand that our moment of not being in our truth are also the moments that lead to our greatest pain, often later.  Where ever you are.  However old you are.  Make your number one task to be you.  To find you.  To love you.  To speak your words.  To be true to you.  

Because your happiness, born of your ease and comfort with yourself, depends on it.

Little Bear x


Hello & Welcome from the Little Bear Lair

My name is Alison Kingston and as you will have seen from the about me, I am a former commercial litigation lawyer, actress, philosopher and poet.  This site is dedicated to the (global) developing body of work on conscious evolution, conceptualised as: The Philosophy of Conscious Evolution - On You, On Us, On Mother Earth, On Conscious Evolution.  

When I started the work 18 months ago, I wrote singularly with no awareness of the body of work developing, I believe globally, on conscious evolution.  Indeed, I have only just connected with this wider network in the last two months, and have been amazed and reassured to see the same trends, language and themes. We are truly on the cusp of a shift in consciousness.

My work initially started as a self help style of work.   However, as I wrote I realised the wisdom within was speaking in a much deeper and louder voice, and indeed combined with some incredible life experiences, I understood my role was to speak in evolutionary terms: from the seat of experience, love and compassion.  In doing so, I have found I am able to speak my truth and words, as they have always existed inside of me, but I have failed to speak for fear of not fitting in.  That in conjunction with the belief that the World as presented to me (and us all), was the only option that was available.  It is not.  There are so many more possibilities available to Humankind for the world that we would choose to create and live in.  And right now, as I write on 6 June 2015, we live in difficult times.  The endless reign of terrorism and environmental degradation of the planet, weigh heavily on our minds, hearts and souls.  It constricts our capacity to breathe.  The worldly pursuits of work and paying bills, obscure our experience of LIFE, our experience of ourselves.  The energy is constantly in flux. We are bombarded by media, propaganda, and overwhelmed with out of date belief systems, that ask us to be small, greedy, limited, unequal and unkind to each other.  Beliefs that have no awareness of the reality of LIFE.  Of the reality of Truth, or of the Truths of Life.  Of the reality of our Oneness.  On the source of LIFE as a source of LOVE.  On the Creative Life Force of All that IS, that is a force of love.  And the force by which was are all joined and bound to each other.  We truly Are All One. 

And we are each contributors to the process of evolution on earth. 

As part of this work I will be speaking strongly to the Sacred Feminine Spirit.  To the return of Selfhood of the Sovereign & Sacred Goddess Woman.  I will call on her to rise and speak her voice and her truth from her heart.  Because in darkness we must shine as many lights as possible, to light the way home.  And the Sacred Feminine heart is a crucible of endless truth, light & wisdom to guide the way home. 

Namaste, & Blessings,

Little Bear x