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The Philosophy of Conscious Evolution

Along with being "Little Bear" & developing the Philosophy of Conscious Evolution, I am a former commercial litigation lawyer and (now) actress resident in Melbourne, Australia. 

After graduating from University with a Ba.LLB (Hons) - majoring in Human Rights Law and International Law - I initially specialised in Commercial Litigation to gain experience prior to following a humanitarian path. That plan did not unfold in the manner that was intended, and I ultimately ended up specialising in Commercial Litigation law and practice.  And my original aspiration to follow a "humanitarian path" has been wholly supplanted by the development of the Philosophy of Conscious Evolution.  The work began, proper, on a two month sabbatical in late 2013 at which time, unexpectedly, an artist painted three paintings of me, that incorporated the little Bear motif.  The work that simply started to create itself, but has been within me all my life: and is a work that necessarily moves our thinking well beyond the world of regulation.  Looking back now I can see that it was the beginnings of a spiritual awakening, and a process of relinquishing myself to the wisdom of Life. 

As for "Little Bear".  It is a nickname that was given to me.  When I started writing poetry it became an automatic pseudonym to the work.  On reflection I realised numerous other connections with bear: as a child I was obsessed with toy bears, my spirit animal is Bear, my Native American Zodiac sign is Bear, one of my spirit guides is a brown Bear, I am captivated by Yosemite and Big Bear in the United States (and the photography of Ansell Adams) and for all my life I have believed that a giant bear hug could solve almost anything.  So that sums it up.  I am a Bear.   And so the Wisdom of Bear was born.   The work has its roots in ancient lore, Shamanism and Native American origins: and is knowledge that has existed in me since I was a child and as early as I can remember.  

One of the most important elements of the Philosophy of Conscious Evolution is its focus on the Sacred Feminine, and the urgent need to embrace and embody the Sacred Feminine spirit and energy in a world that is heinously out of balance. 

The Philosophy of Conscious Evolution is grounded in our "Oneness" and based on four pillars: You, Us, our Planet & Conscious Evolution.  The work will be perpetually "unfinished" and rather is ongoing and will continue to evolve, develop & grow. 

The quotes below speak to the approach that underpin the Philosophy of Conscious Evolution:  

"The role of the writer is not to say what we can all say; but what we can't say" - Anais Nin

"My aim is to put down on paper what I see and feel in the best and simplest way" - Ernest Hemingway

"There are as many paths to God, as there are Souls on Earth" - Sufi Poet

"We Are All One" - little Bear 

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